Controlling Bursts of Anger

Have you ever had a conversation go sideways and suddenly your blood pressure skyrockets, your nerves fray, and the worst version of you beg to come out?

Bursts of Anger
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At that moment, it’s hard to display self-control especially when it feels like the other person is doing things out of your control and yanking your emotions into a bad place.

When someone else’s actions or statements threaten to pull you into a bad place, you have a choice. You do. It may feel like you don’t have a choice. It may feel like you have to react, but you don’t. You have a choice.

Your choice is whether or not to give them the power to control your emotions.

When you react by yelling or making a snappy comment back, you basically transfer your power of self-control to that other person.

When you are void of power, you are void of self-control.

To control an outburst, one must immediately tap into a mood that will create a calm demeanour. And in other to buy some time to think before acting, you may take a moment to count to 3 or ask to be excused for a minute. This strategy will help reduce the tension and keep your emotion at bay so that when you express your feelings afterwards, it will be done in a non-confrontational and objective way.

Uncontrolled outbursts cause you to do, say and hurt yourself as well as others.

Learning to control emotional bursts of anger takes time and patience. Seek professional help if you are unable to control your anger.

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8 thoughts on “Controlling Bursts of Anger

  1. Managing anger is critical to our mental well-being. It is fundamental to maintaining healthy social connections. Well written.

  2. Positive response to issues is one of the antidote to anger. Uncontrolled anger can result into bitterness and pain to the one displaying it. This piece is worth noting.

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