Growing With Others: Learning to Support Others.

Support. That’s the keyword for today’s post.

Growing with others means learning about ourselves and the people around us. Most importantly, it’s also about learning how we can support one another as we journey through life.

Growing with others learning to support one another

When I think of all the possibilities and realities that can happen in this lifetime, I have often believed that someone out there could be thinking the same thing I am thinking at the exact moment I am thinking it. Or perhaps experiencing the same thing(s) I am experiencing right at the same time! And when I think about these possibilities, I cannot help but think that it somehow links to one’s life purpose.

To live purposefully is to live intentionally, knowing that your life experiences may be someone else’s handbook to self-actualization.

True Fact: You are most likely to share a birthday (day, month, year, even time) with someone you’ve never met. And the probability of meeting them is most likely unlikely.

Have you ever read a story or listened to someone share a story and you instantly find it relatable? Do you have the feeling of deja vu towards certain events because it reminds you of your own life’s story? When you hear or read about other people’s stories, do you sometimes feel like you are watching clips from your life through theirs?

If you are visualizing this picture I am painting, then imagine this with me…

  • What if the life you are living now happens to be someone else’s life, someone else’s reality?
  • What if somehow, you are experiencing a setpoint in your life so that you can help someone else ease through their life seamlessly?
  • What if your mistakes or failures can stop someone from making the same mistakes?
  • What if your successes can help someone make a better decision or choice?
  • What if the things you know now, are things meant for someone else – to help them navigate through life?
  • What if you are at the exact point in your life where reaching out and/or speaking out will give you that peace and happiness you seek (while also bringing joy and happiness to someone else)?
  • What if the true meaning of living intentionally is to make an impact in the lives of others and sharing your experiences can help them overcome their adversities?
  • What if we were all in this world for someone else – to support one another?

Looking out for each other would make the world a better place, wouldn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be worth it if we all just looked out for one another and be someone else’s guide through life?

Helping others grow also means growing personally.

When we google or search the web for answers, aren’t we looking for assistance to improve on something? What if you were the Google that someone needs right now?

What if you were me? What if my story somehow resonates with yours and sharing them with you meant helping you improve on yourself? If helping you grow meant sharing my experiences with you, wouldn’t you live life differently today? If you shared all your adversities and achievements with someone, detailing all you went through and had to overcome, wouldn’t it encourage them to live a more insightful life?

Growing with others and learning to support others requires being approachable.

Being approachable is a state of having or showing kind, helpful, or supportive feelings or actions towards others. It also means building connections with others by making ourselves available for them to see us and learn from us.

You may possess a wealth of experience and it would be for naught if no one can use it. You don’t need a crowd, you only need one person to make a difference.

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Ever heard of the phrase “no one is an island?” No one in the entirety of themselves can stand alone without having gotten the support of others; we all need each other to grow by relying on one another.

Someone out there – near or distant – needs your support to help them grow just as much as you need them.

Another True Fact: As a writer, I cannot stand alone or grow without an audience. I am being constantly supported by others when they read what I write and that completes me. When I write, I am only creating half of the ideas and when you read what I write, you bring the other half by making it something that actually exists. Thanks for reading today!

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