Growing With Others: Overcoming Anxiety

overcoming anxiety
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I started to panic and sweat. I had never been this anxious.

How can she just hand me the keys and ask that I drive us home?

In the last 2 years, I had only ever driven at night twice so I was not confident that I could drive and get everyone home safely.

I wasn’t going to wreck the car – at least that much I was sure of – but her confidence in me made me want to be confident in myself.

I knew I could do it and I guess she knew it too. Who knows, “maybe this is the day for overcoming my anxiety”, I thought. That did not stop me from thinking of the worst that could happen.

After a few pause moments, I dismissed the cynical thoughts, got in the car and started to drive. I chose to focus on overcoming the unknown obstacles in my mind and getting us home safely.

To think that I had just imagined the worst thing ever and yet overcame the war in my head. I couldn’t stop thinking and appreciating the push my friend gave me. Although I was nervous, she knew I was ready and nudged me to a point of acceptance and courage.

When I talk about overcoming anxiety, I mean having no eagerness to step out of my comfort zone. I was always so comfortable in my space and simply taking my time. It wasn’t just about the uneasiness, it was also part of me being overly conservative and calculative. I took my time with everything and had reservations about most things. So having someone who knew my potential and motivated me to be my best self was very valuable to me.

Life continues to dish out experiences to teach in every way and form – with every event and every single human. Nothing is defined, and what is predictable sometimes disappoints. No one is altogether dependable until you meet someone that proves you wrong.

There are 2 categories of people you will most certainly meet in your lifetime:

  1. Those who will come into your life for a short period and yet make an unforgettable impact.
  2. Those who will stay with you for the longest of time and continue to grow with you.

Whatever the category of people you meet, no matter their duration in your life – irrespective of the span of your association with them – always appreciate those that challenge and make you grow.

Every experience is meant to teach and we are meant to learn from every single one of them.

Growing with others means learning about ourselves and the people around us. Meeting someone who genuinely motivates and pushes you towards self-improvement or self-discovery changes everything. Without a doubt, we sometimes need just one person to believe in us.

I am grateful for that one friend who was so impactful in helping me overcome my anxiety notwithstanding our short friendship. In what ways are the people around you helping you grow?

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