How To Be The Light To Others.

how to be the light to others

I was all done with the decorations. There was Christmas Tree, lights, and ornaments everywhere. With an inflatable 6ft snowman outside and lights all around the front porch, we were indeed ready for Christmas!

The moment my kids saw the Christmas decorations, their eyes popped out in excitement. They would say “hello Christmas tree” when they woke up and “bye-bye Christmas tree” when leaving for school…It simply warmed my heart to see the joy in their eyes.

A few days later,  our neighbor finished decorating their front porch and it was so beautiful! The 10ft Inflatable Santa and Christmas lights they put out were a delight to see! The only thing was, we could only experience this elegance for a few hours a day because the display was timed.  This, however, did not stop us from anticipating. And whenever the scenery was back up, the kids would shout “Look! Santa is back!!”

This made me realize that people can unknowingly bring joy into our lives, and the light that they shine can be as joyful as the ones we light up for/in ourselves.

How To Be The Light

  • Love Yourself. Take care of yourself. Be kind to you. Fill your heart with laughter and joy. Never neglect the things that matter to you. With love flowing inwardly, it will spill out towards others.
  • Be thoughtful. Being thoughtful means thinking of others and what they might need to brighten their day. Then go out of your way to make it happen for them.
  • Show Kindness. Share a meal or a gift with someone in need. Make a charitable donation if you can. Encourage and speak kindly towards others.
  • Offer Joy. Offering the gift of a smile or a listening ear can touch someone deeply.
  • Help Others. If you have the means or position to help others, then do so.
  • Be Present. Sometimes, the best gift is the gift of yourself. Be around the people who love you (you love).

Be The Light, everywhere you go, for as long as you can!

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