Journey of Life: Before The Final Destination.

I thought to myself, this is exactly what the journey of life is about; before you get to your destination you will often have reasons to slow down and stop by being considerate of others – your safety and theirs.

Journey of life before the final destination
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On a sunny Saturday afternoon, my little guy and I went on a neighborhood drive and as I started to slow down as the yellow light came on, he shouted from the back “No! Don’t stop mummy”. “I have to Jay, remember I told you about traffic lights? Green means go, yellow means get ready to stop and red means stop”.  “Why do we have to stop mummy”, he asked. “Well, we don’t want lots of cars on the road all at once so we have to take turns and allow others to go their way”.

Then came the green light, “go faster mummy, the other car is going to go past you!” “Oh don’t worry, that’s fine. The other car can go past me because we aren’t racing or going to the same place, okay?

Growth comes in knowing that in life, everyone has their journey to embark on. And as we do, we will encounter people riding on the same path with us even if our destination isn’t the same. We will need to slow down to regain momentum or make a stop to pave way for others to go ahead of us. Doing this does not stop us from getting to our destination, it is what makes the journey fulfilling.

It may seem like we are all competing but in reality, we are not. It is hard to compete with someone you do not know especially if you have not experienced what they have. Everyone is just trying to get to their destination safely notwithstanding the traffic on their way.

While the journey of life may be slow or fast, keep the focus on where you are going, accommodate others and help those you can along the way. Between the time of embarking on your life’s journey and reaching your desired destination, let patience guide you in ignoring the distractions that can cause you to crash. By slowing down, you are being considerate of your health and by stoping for others, you are being considerate of their own life’s journey.

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