Remembering Not To Forget.

We have all been forgetful at some point. It’s all part of being human. Remembering Not To Forget is encouragement about looking inward and remembering critical life events that make life colorful.

People forget names, faces, addresses, phone numbers, or even their passwords and will most likely never remember an event from their childhood or what they learned in high school. Some will rely on personal devices and other people for constant reminders because they barely remember schedules, anniversaries, birthdays, or appointments.

PLEASE NOTE – While being forgetful can be related to health or medical issues, the intent of this post is not to address those factors or proffer solutions to them. Please seek medical attention if you believe that your state of forgetfulness is beyond your control.

In most cases, people tend to consciously forget memories as a coping mechanism for events caused by trauma, however, people can be unconsciously forgetful as well.

When it comes to certain life issues, we easily forget. We focus on the difficulties of today and forget how we survived the hardships of yesterday. We complain about not getting and forget about what was given. It’s been said that we sometimes forget what we should remember and remember what we should forget. But we must not forget the things that make us who we are – our past and the people who have walked in it.

Experience can make us consciously forget certain events because remembering brings nothing but pain and regret. Experience can also make us unconsciously forget that where we are now and the things we now have were things we once hoped for.

remembering not to forget
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4 Things To Never Forget.

In remembering, we pay attention to the lessons from our experiences and the growth we have achieved; we use all of it to move forward to greater things and into becoming better people. In remembering:

  • We must let go of the past but never forget what it has taught us. Letting go means you learn from the past and move on. By doing this, you allow the past to strengthen your present and your future.
  • We must never forget gratitude. Gratitude for all the simple things of life such as health, food, shelter, clothing including family.
  • We must never forget to be happy. Enjoy all that you have with the people that you love. Create your own version of happy and embrace every moment.
  • We must never forget to show kindness. Treat everyone with kindness. Show generosity, warmth, care and concern for others.

We must never forget but always remember moments that touch us and shape us.

What are the most important things you should be remembering? Start writing them in your memory today!

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