Saving Time

Like me, everyone was in a hurry, so when the driver took the next available freeway, we all praised him for being thoughtful. “Why aren’t the other vehicles taking this freeway and saving time”, I asked. “This is too good to be true”, someone else yelled from the back.

It was unbelievable that we were going to make this trip way faster and saving time than we thought. And just as we were approaching our destination, the driver announced that there was a roadblock ahead and the only option was to go all the way back. Silence… then suddenly everyone started talking at once. “Back?”, “How far back are we talking?”, “Can we walk the rest of the way there?”. I just sat there trying to comprehend the reality before us, I couldn’t believe we had just lost time while trying to save it!

Waiting is painful but shortcuts make long delays. Sometimes the only option might be to wait and do nothing. And by waiting we learn and by learning, we discover strategies for moving forward.

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