Small Act of Kindness

Small Act of Kindness

My doorbell rang the other day and it was the delivery lady but I was surprised at the persistent ringing because I knew I did not have any delivery scheduled and with Covid-19, delivery was supposed to be contactless.

So when I peeped through the window to find out what she needed, she said “Please can you help me. I mistakenly locked the keys in the van while sorting the mails”

Small Act of Kindness

I knew she probably chose my house randomly and I was not obligated to help her.

I got out of the house and grabbed some tools… The gratitude she showed when I helped her warmed my heart. My feeling of pure happiness was probably more than the help I rendered, but it really felt good to help.

When we identify with the needs of others by making ourselves available to put some joy in their life, we make it possible for the world around us to spread the same small act of kindness.

Sometimes we receive joy from giving others joy, so spread some joy when you can, if you can with small act of kindness.

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  1. Nice piece. Quite inspiring. What goes around comes around. Kindness is like a seed sowed which will germinate later.

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