Steps to Overcoming Adversity

In this post, I will share some Steps to Overcoming Anxiety from a personal and practical viewpoint.

We all have a face we show to the world. That “all is good and dandy with me” composure we put up, making people believe that our life is near “perfect”. Meanwhile, we are broken and filled with thoughts like “this is so overwhelming, how do I continue to keep it all together?”, “what will people say if they know what I am going through?”, “I just want to quit”.

Overcoming Adversity
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How many times have you been tempted to give up and just quit trying when life was throwing curveballs at you? While giving up might seem like the best option (especially when no one hears the silent screams), your determination to push through adversity until you overcome is what makes you unbreakable.

Adversity is an instance of difficulty or setback.

No one may be able to hear you or feel the exact pain you are going through. You may have been able to do a good job at hiding behind a perfect profile that everyone around you can not seem to sense your anxiety. Know this: You are capable of conquering any difficulty. We all have inner strengths to draw from – You have an inner strength to draw from.

What you are going through right now may be pushing you to your breaking point and at the same time, building a whole level of inner strength and resilience you never knew you had. If you commit to it, you can overcome adversity when you:

  • Prepare for it. This does not mean you are wishing yourself bad luck but mental preparedness is key to overcoming adversity. No one should ever have to go through adversity but it can come in any form at any time. Preparedness could mean having people you can go to for support or lean on. It could also be a source you can draw strength from should anything happen.
  • Have a positive mindset and let that positivity calm your spirit by getting you through the difficult challenges you face.
  • Recognize the teachable moments in and at every stage of life. Knowing that every experience comes with a lesson helps us make better choices in the future.
  • Find inspiration from people who have had a similar experience and learn how they were able to overcome their adversities. Reach out to someone you trust for help when you need it.
  • Reframe your mindset. You do not have to always have it all figured out. “What is this teaching me?” “How can I approach this situation differently to get a better result or boost?” Reframe your mindset by flipping the negative to the positive.

Don’t give up even if it feels like you’ve failed, you can turn that failure into success by learning from it. We often don’t know how strong and capable we are until we face adversity.

You are made stronger in and through your most challenging moments.

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