Who Is The Hobbyist Writer?

Hobbyist Writer
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I took on writing as a Hobbyist Writer when I was a teenager, featuring in church newsletters and self-publishing my write-ups through Mailchimp and social media platforms, hoping that my ‘voice’ would spread far and wider than my small circle.

Along the way, I realized that writing for public consumption is hard, it takes more than picking up a pen or a laptop and scribbling or typing away some thoughts. It’s more than just writing thoughts, there is a need to reach an audience and connect with them so much so that they identify with your views and continue to seek you out.

When I write, I exhale but most importantly, I am content in knowing that what I am writing about is very valuable to the person reading it. The need to get personal and honest, sharing real-life experiences that would ultimately help someone else has always been a driving force.

The Hobbyist Writer is passionate about speaking her truth and sharing insights on how to cope with everything about life, love, health, family, finance, business, career, and spirituality.

I hope you find delight in reading my posts as much as I find delight in writing them.

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