Hello, my name is Oppylandah and I’d like to share a few details about me and how I started writing.

As a teenager, I would write about anything but mostly about my beliefs and as I continued to share my short write-ups with others, I began to gain attention from a few people who appreciated the language structure of a teenager. As I grew older, I began to have a broader view of life beyond faith and spirituality, I realized that I needed to write wholistically. So I stopped writing for public consumption and began the journey of understanding life and how to use all of my life experiences to encourage people.

Three years ago, I started to think about public writing again with the intent of inspiring people as they navigate through life. I do not just want to tell stories, I want the stories I share to touch and impact anyone who reads them. I believe that even though we are all on different paths and journeys in life, we can all get to our destinations by lifting each other up and using our experiences to help others make better choices.

No, I do not write professionally nor have I authored a book yet, but when I am not working or being a mom, writing is my safe space. I write so others can be inspired and I hope you get inspired by my posts.

Please browse my collection of short stories, self-help and self-improvement motivations and share your thoughts with me in the comment section of each post. Be sure to give a thumbs up and follow me on Instagram Twitter and Pinterest

Happy reading!!